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BC Hunting Guides
BC Hunting Guides

Hunting in Beautiful Northern BC

Welcome to BC Hunting Guides

We pride ourselves on a reputation for friendly hardworking guides, awesome home cooked meals and well stocked camps. We have a very high return of hunters year after year. We are told that we make our clients feel at home and are treated like family. References are available upon request.

Whether your looking to go Moose Hunting or spot & stalk Bear hunting, give us a call, we would love to chat!

- Mark and Andrea

About our Hunting Area

BC Hunting Guides AreaBC Hunting Guides operates its Moose hunting and Bear hunting within a 900 square mile plateau of prime Moose and Bear habitat. We have over 200 lakes and 3 major rivers as well as a diversity of remote wilderness and replanted cut blocks. This has created some of the best Moose hunting and Bear hunting habitat in the world! It provides feed in the logged area, but still enough cover to create a safe haven for wildlife.

At the recent Moose workshop with BC's Fish and Wildlife department, it was pointed out that our game management zone had one of the highest Moose populations in BC!

We have a great Base camp for our hunters on our lake front property. Some hunts are conducted from our base camp and some from our remote camps on remote lakes and rivers.

What sets bc hunting guides apart

BC Hunting GuidesOne of the secrets of our success has been that we are full time Outfitters. This is what we do. We spend from April to November in our camps and our territory, cutting trails, hauling in boats to remote lakes and building camps in the backcountry.

We are also on the landscape scouting all season long. We have had 3 great fall Moose hunting seasons in a row. This is because of our ability to change hunting locations to react to where the Moose are. That is the difference of a full time operator and those that show up the week before the hunt and throw it all together.